Saturday, June 13, 2009

Warning: Alternative Realities Ahead!

Warning: This blog may be extremely offensive to orthodox persons who cannot confront the unspeakable crimes and blasphemies of CULT HOPPING and MOON BATTERY!!! If at any time you need an attendant to administer oxygen, please press the overhead button!

OMG! How dare anyone do, say, or think anything that is not STANDARD TECH!

Dox or Pix or GTFO
! You can write that down in big letters in your book.

Can "reality" only be defined as the possession of photographs and documents? Is "documentary evidence" the final proof of reality? What if altered documents and pictures are introduced by an opponent? And what about red herring?

Xenu forbid that anyone should ever have any pure, unauthorized, and highly secret fun with a group of non-linear thinkers. Cult Hopping and Moon Battery must be inherently subversive. Keep your eye on those cult hoppers and moon batterers! For all we know, they may have a flying saucer hidden somewhere out there in the Mojave Desert!

Like the vagabonds of old who rode the rails in search of adventure, Cult Hoppers and Moon Batterers have taken to the great unknown in search of psychic phenomena, ghosts, UFO's, aliens, reptilians, and other non-standard realities that must be rejected by super-smart rational people who KNOW BETTER.


Remote Viewing? Preposterous! Unless of course a "signal line" is a codespeak for a common phone line. Or maybe RV's are real! How does one get a "signal line" into a Cult anyway? The best way to "remote view" an O*g or a Golden Lunar Base is to talk to someone who is in said O*g or Golden Lunar Base by telephone. Shockingly, it has been done.

This is very serious stuff. Cult hopping with friends involves OT levels; est seminars; infrared photography in graveyards; Esalen, Jean Houston; Amstedam; NASA; Franklin Jones; and bouncing lasers off the moon! And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Sometimes secret meetings in remote canyon restaurants are taken -- assuming one can find the restaurant. At other times, meetings are taken in high rises that appear to be normal, but are anything but. Sometimes occultic appliances or scientific tools such as lasers, spectrophotometers, SEM, TEM, and/or special entry codes are employed in these gleaming glass towers whose roofs are cluttered with antennae, listening devices, and Towers of Babel that reach into the sky to transmit and receive invisible waves.

Normal persons are warned to stay away! Why risk your sanity when the certitude of photographs and documents is to be preferred? The Bible is a perfect example of the fact that documents must always be true. Furthermore, if you own a Bible that has pictures of the Holy Land in it, then that Bible is inherently more true than a non-illustrated Bible.

Even the Commodore and his Small Boy from Philadelphia were taken in by documents and photographs that, for all intents and purposes, appeared to come from their side of the gene pool, which is to say from people who were a skyscraper taller than homo saps and were really trying. And why did the Commodore never acknowledge Ingo Swann or Hal Puthoff? Was it because Ingo and Hal were engaging in Cult Hopping and Moon Battery with the with the CIA?