Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now that I have your attention, I wanted to share with you that the latest Anonymous joke at WWP is that anyone who has engaged in several spiritual disciplines over the course of decades, and I certainly have, is a Cult Hopper. Furthermore, anyone who is involved in psychic phenomena or other esoteric energies is said to be engaging in Moon Battery. I find these new Anon terms to be so highly amusing and whimsical that I have named my new blog after them. Anonymous is a wickedly funny and oftentimes aggravating group. I am still working to learn their ways and fully support their goal to dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form.

In this blog, I will explore my own Cult Hopping and Moon Battery. I will also talk about some of my work as a Scientology critic. My work as a critic has been enjoyed by many and hated by some. But at least it got noticed and that was pleasing. During the course of my work as Scientology critic, I used many sophisticated strategies; created a great deal of original artwork; and did some outlandish things because I could. I want to discuss some of what I did; why I did it; and what when on behind the scenes. I have paid a fair amount of Hell to be a Scientology critic, but the people I have been privileged to meet as a critic, and what I learned, made it all worth it.

Cult Hopping, Moon Battery, and being a Scientology critic have all been fascinating for me. I always used the avatar of a Sadhu in my work as a critic because I self-identify as a Sadhu. A Sadhu is a Wise Man of The Crazy Wisdom School and I will explain what exactly that means later.