Friday, June 19, 2009


The Cult of Scientology is on a mad rampage to get itself noticed. Scientology has paid Google some ungodly amount of money to show up on blogs everywhere. IMO, some deviant advertising twats at Google sold the Cult on the idea that Scientology could be spread virally, just like any other pathogen. I congratulate the advertising execs at Google for persuading the Church of Scientology into paying large sums of money to use Google's proven and effective advertising strategies. Google is the answer to Scientology's, err, rather untidy PR issues.

I strongly urge Google's deviant ad twats to continue to sell the Church of Scientology as much advertising as possible. I strongly urge the critics of Scientology to click through to Scientology.Org as often as possible because each click costs the Cult money. A Click Fest is in order! The Scientology.Org ad is (at least right now) on the side of this blog that way ---> Click on it and waste Scientology's money!

The problem is that it is far too late for Scientology. For Scientology to buy advertising on Google Blogs in 2009 is like Mussolini buying ad space on the sides of Italian buses in 1946.

My new blog "Cult Hopping and Moon Battery" is less than a week old and Scientology.Org is already on it. Well, at least we know what to expect from a Cult that is stuck in Incident II of OT III.