Sunday, June 14, 2009

I know exactly where a secret FCC location is hidden. This FCC location scans for pirate radio signals and then tracks down the transmitters. Arrests are made. Here in America, the radio waves are not free. All transmitters are licensed and known, except of course for those which are not licensed or known. Hence, FCC enforcement.

Antenna Locations and Designations on Mt. Wilson
and other peaks on the Angeles Crest Highway
in Southern California

Is Pirate Radio engaging in Cult Hopping and Moon Battery? Is it possible that Coast to Coast AM does not have the entire occultic and esoteric spectrum covered, this despite the excellent work and open-mindednesses of Art Bell and George Noory?

And what of High Strangeness, that most ineluctable quality of life? Rationality itself cannot alter the surreality or absurdity inherent in life. For example, why is there so much surveillance in our modern world? I say it is because there is so much fear and the profit that comes from selling fear and its remedies. UAV's are one remedy:

There is always the possibility of Madmen on Subways who could shoot you. UAV's will someday get down into subways. But until that day, we must rely on cameras to detect that 2.5% of the world that is anti-social and always lurking with malicious intent. These people must be watched, or at least watched in principle because Remote Viewing never saved us. Failing our ability to directly observe High Strangeness and Madmen, we can at least watch one of them in The Taking of Pelham 123: