Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Marvel: A Biography of Jack Parsons

Cartoonist r.s. carbonneau has an excellent online comic strip that covers the life of Jack Parsons, a person of interest to this blogger. I share Parson's deep passion for rocketry and things esoteric . While I work as a volunteer for Interorbital Systems of Mojave, California, I will never approach Parson's genius with rockets. Nevertheless, I have fared much better in the esoteric world than Parsons ever did. Parsons had the bad luck to hook up with L. Ron Hubbard. Hubabrd shamelessly took advantage of Hubbard's genoristy and good nature. Manipulation was in Hubbard's nature and Parsons' was just another rung on Hubbard's upward ascent on the Black Magick Ladder.

Carbonneau's comic strip series is entitled, The Marvel: Sex, Magic, and Rocket Science. Carbonneau's stately drawings are done in classic black ink on white paper, a favorite medium of mine. Drawing by hand in pen and ink is demanding and unforgiving. The need for discipline in line weight and seeing the reconciliation of lines several strokes ahead of where you are drawing is part of the exuisite challenge of the medium. Pen and ink drawing offers so much tension and negative space with which to work. In an age of computer-animated everything, the beauty of precision hand drawing is always a welcome visual delight. I am extremely visual and have a great love of detail and precision in both 2D and 3D. Carbonneau's artwork succeeds in its strong miminalist detail. The writing and plot are well scripted. The Marvel is worthy of its name, for it offers excellence in the pure art of cartooning. Drop by the site and take look. Thanks to mborowog of Bangkok for the lead on this great website.

What emotion do Scientologists most commonly experience when it comes to David Miscavige?

What feelings does Tommy Davis secretly have for Smurf?


Friday, June 19, 2009

What is the Question?



The Cult of Scientology is on a mad rampage to get itself noticed. Scientology has paid Google some ungodly amount of money to show up on blogs everywhere. IMO, some deviant advertising twats at Google sold the Cult on the idea that Scientology could be spread virally, just like any other pathogen. I congratulate the advertising execs at Google for persuading the Church of Scientology into paying large sums of money to use Google's proven and effective advertising strategies. Google is the answer to Scientology's, err, rather untidy PR issues.

I strongly urge Google's deviant ad twats to continue to sell the Church of Scientology as much advertising as possible. I strongly urge the critics of Scientology to click through to Scientology.Org as often as possible because each click costs the Cult money. A Click Fest is in order! The Scientology.Org ad is (at least right now) on the side of this blog that way ---> Click on it and waste Scientology's money!

The problem is that it is far too late for Scientology. For Scientology to buy advertising on Google Blogs in 2009 is like Mussolini buying ad space on the sides of Italian buses in 1946.

My new blog "Cult Hopping and Moon Battery" is less than a week old and Scientology.Org is already on it. Well, at least we know what to expect from a Cult that is stuck in Incident II of OT III.


Sunday, June 14, 2009

I know exactly where a secret FCC location is hidden. This FCC location scans for pirate radio signals and then tracks down the transmitters. Arrests are made. Here in America, the radio waves are not free. All transmitters are licensed and known, except of course for those which are not licensed or known. Hence, FCC enforcement.

Antenna Locations and Designations on Mt. Wilson
and other peaks on the Angeles Crest Highway
in Southern California

Is Pirate Radio engaging in Cult Hopping and Moon Battery? Is it possible that Coast to Coast AM does not have the entire occultic and esoteric spectrum covered, this despite the excellent work and open-mindednesses of Art Bell and George Noory?

And what of High Strangeness, that most ineluctable quality of life? Rationality itself cannot alter the surreality or absurdity inherent in life. For example, why is there so much surveillance in our modern world? I say it is because there is so much fear and the profit that comes from selling fear and its remedies. UAV's are one remedy:

There is always the possibility of Madmen on Subways who could shoot you. UAV's will someday get down into subways. But until that day, we must rely on cameras to detect that 2.5% of the world that is anti-social and always lurking with malicious intent. These people must be watched, or at least watched in principle because Remote Viewing never saved us. Failing our ability to directly observe High Strangeness and Madmen, we can at least watch one of them in The Taking of Pelham 123:


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Now that I have your attention, I wanted to share with you that the latest Anonymous joke at WWP is that anyone who has engaged in several spiritual disciplines over the course of decades, and I certainly have, is a Cult Hopper. Furthermore, anyone who is involved in psychic phenomena or other esoteric energies is said to be engaging in Moon Battery. I find these new Anon terms to be so highly amusing and whimsical that I have named my new blog after them. Anonymous is a wickedly funny and oftentimes aggravating group. I am still working to learn their ways and fully support their goal to dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present form.

In this blog, I will explore my own Cult Hopping and Moon Battery. I will also talk about some of my work as a Scientology critic. My work as a critic has been enjoyed by many and hated by some. But at least it got noticed and that was pleasing. During the course of my work as Scientology critic, I used many sophisticated strategies; created a great deal of original artwork; and did some outlandish things because I could. I want to discuss some of what I did; why I did it; and what when on behind the scenes. I have paid a fair amount of Hell to be a Scientology critic, but the people I have been privileged to meet as a critic, and what I learned, made it all worth it.

Cult Hopping, Moon Battery, and being a Scientology critic have all been fascinating for me. I always used the avatar of a Sadhu in my work as a critic because I self-identify as a Sadhu. A Sadhu is a Wise Man of The Crazy Wisdom School and I will explain what exactly that means later.